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Digital Signage For Advertisers

InfoTech Media operates the best South Asian network of digital screens displaying information, advertisement, weather, currency exchange and more. With this latest technology network you can push your message.

InfoTech Media is an industry leader in the sale and operation of south Asian digital advertising media. We have tailored networks for each unique environment or client, from hardware to software and more…

Our targeted digital networks deliver advertising alongside news, weather, and currency exchanges to thousands every day.

Ontario’s largest network of digital media inside supermarkets and restaurants. Operational in over 25 supermarkets reaches over 1,82,5000 shoppers annually.

Advertising on our networks is only one service we offer. Our team of signage engineers & developers, content managers, and operations & maintenance workers ensure your network is running 24 hours a day, with media.

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About Infotech

InfoTech Media is a private company and provider of cloud-based media delivery solutions, providing a platform that use daily powering digital screens, through to the largest digital media networks reliably, efficiently and cost effectively.