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Menu Boards

Digital Signage network is a remotely-controlled distribution and playback of digital content on network of displays installed at high traffic supermarkets and restaurants.

Digitally Enhanced Menus

Restaurants can attract customers passing with rich digital menu boards at the store front. After being seated at a table, or placing a order on take-out counter, customers can see the menu on Large screens (42”, 46”, 48”, 55”+) in hanging from ceiling or on wall.

InfoTech Media specialized in menu boards from 1 screen to any number of screens.

Between profits from enhanced ad revenue and savings from decreased paper use, digital signage systems show swift and strong ROI.


  • The cost of price and menu changes
  • The cost of expensive printing and shipping
  • Artwork and graphic design expenses


  • Awareness of upcoming deals or events
  • Opportunities to partner with other local businesses
  • Opportunities for more effective branding

Whatever the size of location/store, InfoTech media signage can analyze a useful application in almost any restaurant or bar settings.

Why InfoTech Media Signage:

The good old menu cards/posters or the traditional backlit restaurant menu boards are now obsolete, boring to look at, challenging to read and maintain. With the falling prices of LCDs and Flat Panel Displays, Restaurant Menu Boards and Signs are a much more cost-effective solution. Save the cost and hassle of printing, shipping and installing static menu boards!
For just few dollars, add some zing to the ambience of your restaurant and communicate with your customers in style. Imagine animated and changing menu, info on local time, weather and even news. You can change the menu items and price list anywhere, anytime… and you don’t have to be a tech genius to do that!

  • Flexibility to manage and update menu items and prices from a central location.
  • Display different menus at different times of the day – Schedule Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Menu.
  • Low-cost installation, Easy to use and Maintenance Free
  • Easily add specials, promotions and video showcases of your gourmet menu
  • Save the expense of printing and shipping static boards.

Estimate the cost of Screens:

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About Infotech

InfoTech Media is a private company and provider of cloud-based media delivery solutions, providing a platform that use daily powering digital screens, through to the largest digital media networks reliably, efficiently and cost effectively.